Category Management


Category Management is the evolution of buying for most retail organizations. The term is often misused with little empathy for what it takes to conduct robust business planning. B&A Food Brokers has great expertise within Category Management as well as other Best Practices initiatives. The fact-based sell is required when doing business today with every retailer within our trade area.

By using Category Management processes, B&A Food Brokers has been able to deliver superior sales for our vendor partners, while simultaneously increasing customer market share and profitability within the categories we sell…creating a win-win scenario! Using Category Management principals, we are able to determine an efficient assortment based upon geographic and demographic clusters. This creates a blend of authorized items to be most productive at each and every distribution point. In order to ensure complete support, B&A Food Brokers has partnered with manufacturers, broad line importers and direct store distributors to create a synergistic team approach to resets and in-store merchandising by retail account.