Vincent N. Tubito Jr.

Tubito’s Pizza

We greatly appreciate and value our partnership with B&A Food Sales. As a family owned and operated business, we are very passionate and driven to succeed. The entire B&A team shares these same core values and have become an extension of our working family. Over the past 5+ years together, we have continued to grow sales and market territory.

Their professionalism, knowledge, and market approach, drives results. Thank you for your dedication. A pleasure to work with!

Stanislao Marrazzo

De Cecco Pasta

I have been working with B&A for the last couple of years and they always delivered an "Al Dente" service; never underperformed on their commitment. B&A and each person working at B&A, must be recognized for their dedication to the Industry and their customers.

Paul Tol


“We have been partnering with B&A in Florida for nearly 3 years now, expanding our sales and presence in the FS market significantly.

We truly believe the excellent B&A team is a true extension of our Sales arm. They manage the day to day contacts with our distribution partners and endusers

Effectively and with great Commitment for Success. Truly a Win-Win Partnership. We are now looking forward to continue the success with B&A into other

Territories beyond Florida. “

Timothy R. Young,

For all of you manufacturers who are contemplating hiring B&A here is my perspective, Tim Young, Eastern USA Zone Manager, Diamond Crystal Sales, LLC. B&A was up first year 9%, second up 14%. It's all about the facts and those numbers say it all. Our previous broker never gave us even close to those results!! You know why?? Because every sales call and Foodshow B&A takes on the philosophy of an old saying, "A sales Presentation without a Demonstration, is only a Conversation"! Scott, Andy and TEAM truly embrace the sales approach of Profiling the account, Targeting the best Opportunities and CONVERTING THE SALES!

Nancy Olson, Southeast District Manager, Foodservice

Emmi Roth USA, Inc.

My broker network in Florida is amazing! They are knowledgable and professional. I am completely confident knowing that they are representing me in the market. They are eager to learn about specialty cheeses and are certainly known as the "cheese brokers" in Florida. I recently was so pleased to make the switch when they moved into the Georgia market. I know that together we will continue to grow our business both in Florida and Georgia.

Bill Kynast - Vice President of Sales

Alouette Cheese USA/Cheese Alliance

Since 1988 I am proud to say, B&A Food Brokers has been our strategic partner. B&A's creative and innovative approach continues to produce positive results for Alouette Cheese at the HQ level as well as in store. B&A's relationships and leadership in the market are second to none and we look forward to our next 25 years partnering with the best specialty cheese broker in the NY Market.

David Weir - National Sales Manager

Irish Dairy Board, Inc.

"On behalf of the Irish Dairy board Inc., I am delighted to say that we are in partnership with B&A Food Brokers. Their professionalism and hard working ethic is a testament to the organization. The level of enthusiasm and motivation displayed by all of their employees is one of the key factors why our business continues to grow at such strong levels in difficult market conditions. The experience level of the team is invaluable in organizing, negotiating and implementing all aspects of business. Their merchandising team is constantly looking for innovative and creative ways to drive the business forward on the ground, shown by their latest project using iPads to drive sales. Their constant willingness to keep moving forward allows us to elevate our levels of expectations constantly, which they will continue to try and exceed. It is my hope that this partnership will continue for a long time to come and I am proud to say our company is associated with B&A Food Brokers"


Christopher L. Lotito

Lotito Foods Inc.

Lotito Foods Relationship with B&A goes back to their inception. The birth of Ben and Andy's dream directly relates to the steady and successful growth of Lotito Foods. They are two of the smartest and most trustworthy people in the industry. Their Values and their Passion are unwavering. Our companies have teamed together in many endeavors.

Over the years, their Company has repeatedly ranked as the Top Sales group in any Region. Their creativity and unique ability to understand the needs of both Supplier and Customer have proven to be a major advantage for their organization, as well as anyone associated with them. Their entire staff can carry the same Values and Passion, which makes B&A and Industry Leader. Their Professionalism and Aggresiveness makes them an Exceptional Business Partner.

I am proud to be associated with their Organization and Hold both Ben and Andy in the Highest Regard.

Jim Thompson - Director of Sales - SE, Foodservice

Campofrio Food Group - America

I had been working with a large, multi-state, regional brokerage company for over a decade, and was not looking to make a broker change at this time. After talking to Scott t length about his people and their go-to-market strategy, I began questioning exactly what I was getting from my current broker. It soon became apparent to me that my current broker seemed to be working harder for their larger vendors, and my business was too small to be appropriately appreciated I gave them notice and made the change to B&A.

In the first three months with B&A, I went on more sales calls, made more presentations with new distributors, and more district meetings, and developed stronger relationships with current distributor management that I had the entire time I was with my previous broker. Scott's people were eager to learn the product line, consistently communicated questions on product knowledge, company policies, QA, Shipping, Ordering, etc. and were completely engaged with my product line from day one.

After the first 9 months with B&A the results were obvious to everyone at my company, and now is hels up as an example for other regional's in my company to mirror and seek out true broker partners. The proffesionalism, commitment, and communication from B&A is unparalleled. They gave me true confidence that I am being well represented in the market. b&A treats my business as their own, and are personally vested in the growth of my company. I very much appreciate our relationship both professionally and personally, and I am proud to have them represent my company.

John Rodger - Vice President, Cheese and Deli

Atalanta Corporation

On behalf of the Atalanta Corporation, I am pleased to be associated with such a dedicated, hard working organization. The attention to detail and follow through at both the account and store level is some of the best in the industry. It is rare to find the combination of top notch administration, product knowledge, merchandising, and follow-up in the Cheese and Specialty business. The most important part is that principal management is totally engaged in the day to day process.

I am proud to be represented by B&A Food Brokers.

John J. Sullivan - President and C.E.O.

Norseland, Inc

Norseland Inc's relationship with B&A has been far more than the traditional Broker/Principal relationship. Since the inception of our partnership in 2000, exceeding sales goals and market share growth for all our brands is just the tip of our relationship.

While our representation with B&A has traditional geographic areas, our relationship spans much further. B&A has not only excelled in representing Norseland, but they have also helped us expand our position in the market place by advising on business opportunities and presenting new business opportunities that outstretch the normal broker representation agreement.

I value and trust their insight and professionalism in the industry we compete in today. I am proud to call Andy, Ben and Kevin, my business partners as well as friends, a truly unique combination.

Jon Gutknecht - CEO

Franklin Foods, Inc

B&A Food Brokers has served as my New York Sales Team since 1992. From a value added premium priced gourmet brand to a price sensitive commodity, B&A has intimate knowledge of all trade channels, solid trade relationships and a talented sales team that executes and achieves your sales plans. Best of all, B&A's professional customer service team ensures that the sale is not complete until the invoice is paid.

Maureen Davis - Category Manager Deli/Retail Sales

Taylor Farms

B&A has provided sound growth in a challenging economy. Their understanding of the perishable side of the business and the value that they bring to the customer is evident in the relationships they've forged with people who can make a buying decision. Knowdlege, understanding, honesty, hardworking are adjectives I use to describe the deli team at B&A. It's a pleasure to be a part of their team.

Eddy Meneses

RSM Southest (Knouse)

Having B&A Food Sales as a "Broker Partner" is truly exciting. The level of support that the B&A team delivers is hands down by far the best in my book. I can say that B&A Food Sales truly is built and designed to grow our business and drive success in a upward direction. Scott overall it's a real privilege to have you represent Knouse in Food SErvice. Thank you for all your help and Support!

Ryan Allison General Manager

Holiday Foods, General Manager

B&A Food Sales is a premier food service and retail broker to work with. The executive and sales teams understand our go-to-market strategy to enable organic sales growth which is mutually beneficial to our supplier-broker relationship.

The support B&A provides the Holiday Foods sales and operational teams is best-in class!

Greg Hanson - VP Sales and Marketing

All Round Food Bakery Products, Inc.

"B&A Foods Sales has been a breath of fresh air for All Round Foods. In today's ultra-competitive Foodservice industry - the way to survive and even thrive is to return to the basics...Getting out in front the customers and asking for the order...and B&A's sales team has highly talented folks that aggressively open business every day. I could not be more pleased!

Marc Graham - General Manager

Yorgo's Mediterranean Foods Inc

I am delighted to say that we are in a true partnership with B&A Food Brokers. Their professionalism and work ethic is evident in the way they guided and helped us to develop and promote our brand for all of their customers.

Our partnership has lead to great success in the market and our business continues to grow. We were impressed with the experience level of the executive team, as well as the passion that the account executives, and merchandising team have for our brand. We value the resources of their merchandising team, and assistance they provide with all relevant trade events , and customer interactions. The commitment Yorgo's made for a minimum monthly commission, was far surpassed by the results we achieved.

I would recommend the B&A team to anyone looking to pioneer and or develop their brands into this Market.


Steve Goff, National Accounts Manager

Steve Goff National Accounts Manager Reser’s Fine Foods

I want to say “thank you” to you and the entire B&A Food Brokers team, for your outstanding support. It takes teamwork to successfully present new concepts, introduce new products to our customers and implement support programs to drive sales.

Starting with our initial presentations, including development of job aides, store sets for plan-o-gram pictures and conducting of training meetings, it is a pleasure working with the entire B&A Food Brokers team.

Leadership, professionalism and a willingness to help, is a common thread throughout your entire organization.

Together, working with our retail partners, we will continue to be a resource of ideas, new products and programs, for continued success!

Roy Taormina

Vitelli Foods

The relationship with a truly exceptional broker goes beyond partnership, in fact, it is closer to a marriage. B&A is more than just our representative. We are extremely confident that when B&A Food Brokers negotiates at an account that negotiation is conducted as if they were a Vitelli sales manager. B&A’s product knowledge, professionalism and passion are just three examples from a long list of attributes that allows me to say how proud I am to be part of their family.

Sam Jones

Regional Sales Manager, Snyder’s-Lance

Being a part of the B&A Food Sales family for over 3+ years, Snyder’s-Lance is pleased to be represented by them as they continue to offer a fresh approach to the food broker industry. They have talented and professional SELLING representatives that concentrate on product knowledge and complete customer engagement! They remain focused to their CORE business and geographical areas and are a sound partner for growing your sales.