Christopher L. Lotito

Lotito Foods Inc.

Lotito Foods Relationship with B&A goes back to their inception. The birth of Ben and Andy's dream directly relates to the steady and successful growth of Lotito Foods. They are two of the smartest and most trustworthy people in the industry. Their Values and their Passion are unwavering. Our companies have teamed together in many endeavors.

Over the years, their Company has repeatedly ranked as the Top Sales group in any Region. Their creativity and unique ability to understand the needs of both Supplier and Customer have proven to be a major advantage for their organization, as well as anyone associated with them. Their entire staff can carry the same Values and Passion, which makes B&A and Industry Leader. Their Professionalism and Aggresiveness makes them an Exceptional Business Partner.

I am proud to be associated with their Organization and Hold both Ben and Andy in the Highest Regard.