Jim Thompson - Director of Sales - SE, Foodservice

Campofrio Food Group - America

I had been working with a large, multi-state, regional brokerage company for over a decade, and was not looking to make a broker change at this time. After talking to Scott t length about his people and their go-to-market strategy, I began questioning exactly what I was getting from my current broker. It soon became apparent to me that my current broker seemed to be working harder for their larger vendors, and my business was too small to be appropriately appreciated I gave them notice and made the change to B&A.

In the first three months with B&A, I went on more sales calls, made more presentations with new distributors, and more district meetings, and developed stronger relationships with current distributor management that I had the entire time I was with my previous broker. Scott's people were eager to learn the product line, consistently communicated questions on product knowledge, company policies, QA, Shipping, Ordering, etc. and were completely engaged with my product line from day one.

After the first 9 months with B&A the results were obvious to everyone at my company, and now is hels up as an example for other regional's in my company to mirror and seek out true broker partners. The proffesionalism, commitment, and communication from B&A is unparalleled. They gave me true confidence that I am being well represented in the market. b&A treats my business as their own, and are personally vested in the growth of my company. I very much appreciate our relationship both professionally and personally, and I am proud to have them represent my company.