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B&A Food Brokers was founded in 1985 by Ben and Andy Epstein with the concept of satisfying a special niche in the Metro New York Food Service and Retail Trades.

In 2003, B&A opened a Food Service division in South Florida using its successful business model. In 2013 B&A opened a Food Service division in Georgia and then a Carolinas Food Service division in January 2015.

In 2014, B&A created a dedicated group focusing on Ahold USA throughout the Northeast with full in-store merchandising coverage. In 2018, B&A is proud to announce that it has opened Food Service divisions in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Virginia. In 2020, B&A expanded its Food Service divisions to Washington D.C. and Maryland. B&A is a rapidly growing firm with a wealth of resources and a network of relationships which continue to help our clients achieve their business goals.